About the project

HappyCubes are a digital collection of 333 unique and original NFTs written in the Ethereum Blockchain.
This project points to give a digital identity to the Rubik's Cube. It aims to develop a real virtual reality where to use the Rubik's Cube.

In practice we want to develop a virtual simulator of the Rubik's Cube to be able to support all cubes type, to permit at anyone to try it.


What will I get by purchasing an HAPPY CUBES?

By purchasing one of this NFT you will get at your home a t-shirt and a frame of the purchased cube.

BUT MOST OF ALL the NFT owners will get the access to exclusive Telegram channel, get preview updates of the project evolution, new discount for new HappyCubes and they will be the FIRST people to test the simulator.


Who is Hyde?

The person behind the NFT project

Hyde is a magician and a entrepreneur, born in 1996, thanks to web the passion became a real work. The main channel is YouTube where he counts more than 180.000 subscribers.
During years has launched lots of successful projects linked to his passions, trying to thrill people around him. Two of the bigger are HydeStore and PlayBrain, E-commerce that sells magic effects and puzzles. All made by his own.
The object that most characterizes it is the Rubik's Cube, he made different version of that, one of the most famous: TrisCube.
Thanks to this, it comes the “HappyCubes” project.


Where can i find the HAPPY CUBES?

We use the website OpenSea to sell NFT, is the most popular platform to NFT exchange. From the button below you will see the collection page. We have made a video to help you for the buy process, click here to see it.



What are NFTs?

NFT is a special digital "token" that represents the ownsership of a digital of phisycal good. More on Wikipeda

How can i buy an NFT?

We have made a video that explain in detail how to open a "wallet" and how to use it to buy cryptocurrencies and NFTs: YouTube Video (Italian language)

How can i get the t-shirt and the frame?

In the private area will be possible write your own shipment data and after 10 days the rewards will be shipped to specified address.

Contact us

You can write to us and follow updates in the socials below.